Using diagnostics in market surveillance

A growing number of measuring instruments are fitted
with features that monitor the instrument’s health. In oil
and gas metering, these so-called diagnostics can be
found in almost all new Coriolis mass flow meters,
ultrasonic flow meters, gas chromatographs, etc. With
the exception of some, the majority of the diagnostic
functions have no direct link with legal metrology.
However, their use in legal metrology could be worth

Measuring instruments come in many shapes and sizes
and so do the companies supplying them, but
diagnostics being added to instruments, is an unstop –
pable trend. The main reason for this trend is that there
is value in this type of information. While this requires
some extra insight in the operation of the instrument
and its diagnostics, there is something to be learned
from it. To name only a few advantages, a user of
measuring instruments can use diagnostics to look
deeper into his process and a supplier can perform
troubleshooting more easily than in the past. At the last
edition of the European Flow Measurement Workshop,
end users raised the question whether these diagnostics
could impact calibration intervals. And since this
information is available, why not including diagnostics
in market surveillance?

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