Focus on operational efficiencies in Oil & Gas sector

From precision measurement to asset management, Emerson’s Flow Solutions reduce risk, increase reliability, and improve operational performance with best-in-class flow measurement technologies and services. Emerson delivers standardized solutions and expert application knowledge to help you maximize your Oil & Gas production.

  • Flow Technologies – Tighten control, maximize output, and increase efficiency with expert application advice, operations insight, and unmatched flow measurement and regulation technology.
  • Flow Systems – Minimize uncertainty and maximize availability with integrated custody transfer measurement systems from a single-point-responsibility provider.
  • Flow Services – Improve quality, decrease cost, and optimize your operation with a global network of lifecycle services, support, and employee training.

Resurgence of activity and spend

Jacob Freeke, Director Marketing Ultrasonic – Daniel Measurement & Control at Emerson Automation Solutions, states that Emerson has clearly seen a resurgence of activity and spend in the Oil & Gas sector. “In terms of major growth waves, we see 3 significant areas of focus for flow metering – addressing flow measurement challenges for Shale, particularly in the Permian, onshore multiphase adoption, and the growth in major capital projects (both upstream and midstream). The overall market has changed in that we see that operators are much more focused on operational efficiencies to get the most out of the assets they have.”

“This year at the European Flow Measurement Workshop, we are going all out and highlighting four topics from across our board. The Roxar MPFM 2600M is the newest addition to our multiphase flow meter portfolio. An innovative new Coriolis LNG meter with one common electronics to combine the liquid measurement and the boil-off gas measurement is of great aide for fiscal measurements. We will also present an educational field case of a metering station with ultrasonic flow meters at a large gas transmission company as well as our recent developments related to Custody Transfer Measurement and Calibration Options for Coriolis Meters to be used in Natural Gas applications.” 

Exchange ideas and knowledge at European Flow Measurement Workshop

“Flow measurement expertise will be one of the most critical assets to have to help operators select the right technologies and utilize them most efficiently in those applications that can have the biggest impact. We believe collaborating with companies with a combination of broad portfolios (so they can be objective) along with deep application expertise will create a winning formula for mutual success of operators and vendors. I hope that an event like this will bring relevant customers and suppliers to one forum to exchange and forge the next disruptive idea on the technology frontier. The workshop is a great platform to exchange ideas and start imagining the future.”

“It would be good to share about the latest developments in flow measurement technologies and capture any operators’ challenges that Emerson should focus to address with best-in-class technologies. Furthermore, we are keen to capture potential market needs and expand market awareness about the Emerson solutions. We’re also looking forward to the Enagás plant tour.”