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Mastering calibration methods

At the basis of a good flow measurement is a properly calibrated flowmeter. Field calibration of flowmeters is far from straightforward and its impact on the operation of a metering station in the field can be considerable. One of the options is including a fixed pipe prover in the metering system. For an article that appeared in this month’s edition of World Pipelines, Eveline Janse interviewed Erik Smits (VSL) and Shukur Aghazadeh (AzMETCO), who shone their light on various methods for the calibration of the pipe provers, their advantages and drawbacks.

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Program online

The program of the Workshop has been completed.
We are very proud to announce that the opening keynote presentation will be by Claudio Rodriguez, General Manager of Enagás.

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More dynamics in recovering oil and gas market

A faithful supporter of the European Flow Measurement Workshop right from the beginning, SICK will be attending the Workshop as a Gold Sponsor again. SICK is one of the world’s leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications.

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Using diagnostics in market surveillance ​

A growing number of measuring instruments are fitted with features that monitor the instrument’s health. With the exception of some, the majority of the diagnostic functions have no direct link with legal metrology. In an article that has been published in the OIML Bulletin, Wim Volmer explains why their use in legal metrology could be worth considering. Read the full article.

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Metrology evening classes are in town!

This year’s program of the European Flow Measurement Workshop will include an evening of interactive classes. VSL, CEESI and NMi Certin experts will lead three classes on metrological challenges.

Participants will have the opportunity to submit their own practical situations to be discussed in an open environment.

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New co-host: NMi Certin

VSL and CEESI are glad to announce that NMi Certin has joined the organization and hosting team of European Flow Measurement Workshop. A well-known partner and frequent project collaborator with both VSL and CEESI, the inclusion of NMi Certin broadens the scope of the workshop and enables us to highlight flow metrology from an extra angle.

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Support by Enagás

We are also happy to announce the involvement of end user Enagás S.A. in the upcoming edition of European Flow Measurement Workshop. As supporter of the Workshop from day one, Enagás invites the attendees of the Workshop to a visit of their central laboratories in Zaragoza (LACAP High Pressure Closed Loop for gas meters calibration).

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Hosted by VSL, CEESI and NMi Certin, supported by Enagás.